Ultimate Full Body SPA Treatment

Derma Seta - INR 2200 - INR 1499



Clensing Facial

Massaging Attachments

Remove Calluses

Deep Cleaning Brush

Removes Long hair

Body Buffer

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Derma Seta Ultimate Full Body SPA Treatment Syste,Massager Cleaning Kit, Hair Remove,Exfoliafes Dry Skin. It is a dream come true painless hair removal system that provides you with all of the benefits of a spa visit, without expensive spa prices. Your hair removal kit comes with a body buffering pad, a foot smoother so you can give yourself a pedicure and have baby smooth feet, Derma Seta help to remove unwanted and embarrassing facial hair, and we even include free additional batteries so you can continue to enjoy your this product hair removal system without having to worry about the power running out. To make this deal even better, and help you love your hair removal system even more, we’ll also throw in our Derma Seta Full Body Accessory Kit.


Derma Seta Features

  • Painlessly removes hair.
  • Remove oldest dry skin.
  • Includes 9 accessories for a fully body spa treatment.
  • Includes additional battery.

Derma Seta Benifits

  • No More Painful Waxing.
  • Small and Fits on Your Countertop.
  • No More Wasting Time in Your Bathroom Shaving.

Includes 9 Attachments

Includes 9 accessories for a fully body spa treatment like:-
  • Macro & Micro Massage Modules.
  • Derma Crystal Hair Removal Pad.
  • Deep Cleanser Brush.

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Includes 7 Attachments

Macro & Micro Massage Modules

Derma Seta Macro & Micro Massage Modules helps to smooths your hips & legs. Its completely take care of your beautiful skin and add more glow or shine. Its very simple to use for any novice users

Derma Crystal Hair Removal Pad

Derma Crystal Hair Removal Pad play important role during body spa, its painlessly remove unwanted hairs from your skin and makes it soft & shiny. Use it and save you money from expensive waxing & treatments.

Pumice Stone

Advance Derma Seta pumice stone specialized to gives you smooth & clean fit. Just rub it on your feet and makes it more charismatic.

Body Buffer

Body Buffer is crucial accessory of this product which helps to buffer your skin so that it became much shiny, smooth & fresh. Use it and feel special just like using a expensive body spa treatments.

Deep Cleanser Brush

Derma Seta Deep cleanser brush helps to clean pores or keep your face more fresh and smooth.

Macro & Micro Massage Modules

Macro & Micro Massage Modules will make you adore your Derma Seta kit. Now clean your body and smooths out your legs and feet. Its very easy & portable to use.

Foot Smoother

Foot Smoother attachment helps to clean your awful foot. Use it and makes your foot smooth and clean just like an expensive pedicure treatment.